Lunch planning system


Project at digital design agency: Acato, 2017

The Buurtboer delivers a package for employees / colleagues at home or at the office with delicious products for lunch: fresh bread, cheese, spread, butter and everything you can use for a nice lunch. The Buurtboer works together with local, sustainable, organic and traditional producers.

Here I worked as the visual designer in a scrum team to design a lunchplanning’s portal. This portal is used by companies who order their weekly lunch at the Buurtboer. This was a manual tasks for the lunchplanners at the Buurtboer and now they wanted a more ‘automatic’ digitalized way of planning lunches.

We did a lot of user interviews to find out what the needs where from an employee point of view and the point of view of the client.

We used the method of scrum to develop and optimize this each sprint. My role as a visual designer was to translate the visual identity and brand values into the visual language of this portal.

Micro-animations in the portal:

Smiley Overview 1

6. Pin