Branding, website


Project at digital design agency: Acato, 2017

Assignment: Branding refresh with new principles. Together with Justlease.nl we came up with a new proposal for the design principles that matches the business values. As a visual designer it was my goal to translate those principles in a new online design language for the website. Here I looked at the whole picture. Photography, icons, shape, colors and typography. We looked at the different persona’s and created a customized landingspage for each ‘persona’. This all I delivered in a design and a style-guide in sketch.

Design principles


  • Always a human touch on every page
  • Show character in the details
  • Close to the perception of our personas, not just cars for money, but connection to everyday life


  • More intense use of color, contrast, clear
  • Airy, forward-looking, spacious design, we are not afraid of scrolling


  • Moderate use of discount stickers, bangers and other typical price fighters elements
  • With each element it is clear what function it has
  • Clear hierarchy, headings are large and thick, reading text is clean and without unnecessary makeup
  • Service and contact are always close by
  • Consistent