The solution for finding, planning, managing and paying staff.


Project at digital design agency: Acato, 2017

In this case L1nda.nl is the company behind the leading online platform for catering staff planning. The proposition and a fully tested website were decisive for the success.

L1NDA takes care of finding, planning, managing and paying staff for catering businesses. All this from a very intuitive and mobile friendly application.

Ensuring people can find you and (continue to) use the tool is the biggest challenge. Together with the developers at Acato, I set up a new branding and website in collaboration with Buyerminds, the goal was conversion, but as a visual designer my goal was also to translate their brand values trough-out the website. This I also did with icon-design and micro animations. I didn’t animate the icons myself but delivered the idea of how it should animate.

Example of one of the icon micro-animations:

For more micro-animations and to look at the design online go to: www.l1nda.nl