Poncho – ANWB Design System

ANWB Design System


ANWB Design System – 2018

When I first started, ANWB had no single source of truth when it came to design. Working with a lot of developers and UX Designers on 6 mobile apps and multiple web platforms was a big challenge for me as the only Visual Designer. While building and maintaining the products consistency is key. Therefore a Design System became a must for the ANWB. We needed to find our single source of truth and piece everything together. This is exactly what Sanne, Maaike, Bart (FE developer) and me did for the past years. Building Poncho, the ANWB Design System.

Poncho is.. protective, transparent, accessible, transferable
The labrador is icon for Poncho, because it is reliable, accessible and guiding.

These values match the organizational- and Design System values. The perfect fit for the ANWB! (Poncho illustration made by: DesignKapitein)

Digital Campus Presentation @ ANWB
Sharing the mission, values and purpose of the design system to the organization.

Article in our employee magazine ‘Blik’
Creating awareness in the whole organization (wider audience) about Poncho and asking people to connect with us.

Poncho Days @ ANWB with UX-designers

Bugday: Finding team spirit and alignment in seeing the inconsistencies in our products and services (Why consistency is so important). Enthusiastic way to get insight into the amount of inconsistencies and then trying to fix them
Process puzzle (by Angi): What’s the best workflow to add new elements to your Design System? As a team thinking about the process and recognizing that this isn’t easy.
Speed testing day:
Motivate colleagues to test and research in a more accessible way more before finalizing their designs.