‘Ringle’ – The dating table for singles.


Willem de Kooning Academie, Gradutation project, 2014

‘Ringle’ – The dating table for singles. A table that facilitates the comforts of online dating but where the power of natural chemistry can be immediately felt through direct contact.

The combination of an interactive design and tantalizing questions ensures that uncomfortable silences are avoided and you can discover in a playful way whether someone suits you. The round table consists of several individual rings, which make it possible to transfer different questions to someone.

The different rings determine the depth of the conversation on three levels. That’s how you start with the icebreakers to get the conversation going. Followed by questions about your background that help you form an image. The middle ring contains questions about thoughts and feelings, so you can get a glimpse of someone’s real personality.

Workshops at Hogeschool Rotterdam/Zwolle (2015)

A few years later I was asked to make a non-dating version of the Ringle. To facilitate a workshop at the Hogeschool about a new form of education.

Here the Ringle functioned as a role playing matter in all the new different roles in this new form of education. Now they could think outside their own role and answer questions in a different perspective.